Fresh corn is in prime season in August. You can find corn at Minton Farms and Rodriguez Bros. Farms.


1 can (16oz) black beans drained and rinsed
2 ears of corn, cooked and cut the kernels off the cobb
½ red onion diced
2 bell peppers diced
2 limes juiced
½ cup cilantro chopped
2 tbsp. oil
½ tsp. salt
Pepper to taste
1 avocado


Did you know you can quickly cook corn in the microwave if you’re feeling impatient? 6 minutes in the microwave and it’s done, and I think the best part is that the husk and silk slip right off.

Mix black beans, corn, onion and bell peppers. Drizzle the oil on, squeeze the juice of both limes over the vegetables adding salt and pepper to taste and then stir in cilantro. Top with sliced or diced avocado (this is all your preference).

*you can also add a bit of cumin and ground Mexican chili powder if you feel like adding a little spice to the mix!